Transit visa

Common information:

  1. Visa processing time starts only after submitting all required documents and payment of a visa fee.
  2. Decision regarding the issuing of a visa is taken only after individual interview with applicant, who must came personally.
  3. Visa processing time can be 4-20 working days (regular basis) or 1-3 working days (urgent basis). Holidays and day-offs are not included. Visa processing fee is not refundable even in case of refusal.
  4. All documents and Payment can be submitted on Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday: 08:45 am – 11:45 am.
  5. Visa delivery time: Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday: 08:45 am – 11:45 am.
  6. Upon receipt of your visa, please carefully check it for possible mistakes (name, gender, passport number, term of validity etc.) and, if necessary, return your passport to the Consular Department for corrections at the earliest.
  7. The Consular Department will not bear responsibility for any mistakes in visas, which were not brought to its attention prior to departure from Bangladesh.
  8. The Consular Department has the right to refuse a visa without explanations.
  9. Our contacts:


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For obtaining Transit Visa the following documents are to be submitted:


A transit visa allows a single entry into Russia on a transit trip. Passengers traveling by aircraft are issued a visa for up to 3 days only. Passengers traveling by land transport are issued a visa for a period sufficient to proceed through the territory of the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) by the shortest route possible, but not over 10 days.

No transit visa is required for international flight passengers having a stopover for less than 24 hours without leaving the transit zone of the airport in Russia.

Passengers of cruise vessels should apply for a tourist visa (if required).


a) Duly filled-in Visa Application Form (You can download it here Incomplete forms are not accepted. The form should be typed or written legibly.

b) One professional passport sized photo (3,5 x 4,5 cm). The photo should be glued (not stapled or attached using adhesive tape) to the specially marked place of the application form.

c)  Duly filled-in Questionnaire (You can download it here https://ba ngla

d) Fully paid and confirmed tickets (not a booking) to Russia and from Russia to the country of destination.

e) Copy of a valid visa to the country of destination (if required).

f) Valid Passport and Photo copy of its first two pages. Passport should be valid at least for 6 months after expected Visa expiry date with two empty (without any stamps, messages, etc.) pages facing each other.

g)  Confirmation of payment of visa fee.





The Consular Department of the Embassy also has the right to request, if needed, the following:

  • a bank statement from the applicant;
  • a statement from the employer regarding the applicant's wages for the preceding year/ half year, or month;
  • documents regarding the applicant's ownership of property in the country of his citizenship;
  • a certificate on the makeup of the applicant's family;
  • confirmed air tickets (in and out);
  • confirmation of a fully paid hotel accommodation