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The issue of license for the construction of power unit № 2 of the Rooppur NPP

On July 8, the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority (BAERA) solemnly granted the license for design and construction of Rooppur NPP power unit № 2 to Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC). This step was another important milestone in the implementation of this flagship for bilateral cooperation project.

The ceremony was attended by the Ambassador A.Ignatov and Deputy Chairperson of Rostekhnadzor A.Ferapontov. On the part of Bangladesh, the Minister of Science and Technology, Y. Osman, his deputy A.Hossein, the head of the NPP construction project S.Akbar, the chairman of BAERA N.Choudhury and the head of BAEC M.Hoq visited the event.

Speakers noted with satisfaction the prospects of the facilitating cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, as well as the high level of involvement of Russian and Bangladeshi companies in the implementation of this project.